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‘Googler’ Visits LMS Eighth-Graders

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Students in Dr. Micah Shippee’s eighth-grade socialGoogle's Emily Henderson speaks with Liverpool Middle students. studies classes at Liverpool Middle recently had a very special visitor from Mountain View, California.

Google Geo Education Outreach Program Manager Emily Henderson was in Liverpool to work on a project with Shippee, who is a Google-certified innovator, trainer and educator. While in town, Henderson had the opportunity to speak with Shippee’s students about her experiences working at Google’s headquarters on the West coast.

As a member of Google’s Earth Education Team, Henderson works on projects that help solve the world’s challenges through geoliteracy - the ability to use geographic understanding and reasoning to make far-reaching decisions. Some of those projects include Project Sunroof, a solar calculator that helps people map their roof’s solar savings potential, and Save the Elephants, a program that assists wildlife departments in the fight against ivory traders and poachers.

In addition, Henderson spoke with the LMS eighth-graders about the future of work. She spoke about how Google’s products and programs are working to improve learning and innovation, and noted that 60 percent of jobs available in the future do not exist today. She encouraged students to explore a variety of interests over the next few years and keep their minds open to what they want to do in the future.

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